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Snow Ocean - Preset Kit

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Your Reset Razor can last for years - reduce waste with our blade subscription options

Reset Razor, the world's first body shaving razor! Built for the task, not gender.

  • Allowing for a variety of grip options It is designed for faster, smoother, and safer body shaving, Its compact design and a travel-friendly storage pouch make it perfect for on the go use

  • Hanging ties  means you can air dry it easily to protect against bacteria build up. .

  •  Customisable, choose your favourite colour combo or make your own!

  • Never forget which blade refill type you need–low cost subscription refill options available.

What's included?

Reset Razor - Dawn Lime

Spare blade cartridge - White

Neoprene travel pouch - Blossom

Hanging elastic - White

Ready to make a change? It’s time to Reset!

Made from recyclable materials

Carbon Neutral Shipping

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Best subscription ever

Such a big fan. Love the subscription so I don’t have to think about my next order and the love the product itself. I have been using it for almost a year and couldn’t recommend it more highly.


Terrific experience with Reset, a minor hiccup occurred but their team fixed it up immediately they discovered the issue.
Fantastic product! Thank you Team


I really like shaving with this though I find the blades seem to dull quicker than what I'm used to

Convenience 🤝 Smooth Shave

I absolutely love the reset razor! Not only do I get a super smooth shave, but it allows me to specifically get the spots that are easily missed!

I can also hang it up in my shower and pack it away in its pouch to take away with me! It goes hand in hand with the gel too!
Aussie innovation at its finest!

Best razor I’ve used ever

Love the compact size and easy to use aspect of this razor.

It’s easy to use and the subscription option is fantastic. No more running out of blades.

Did you know...

One of the main causes of skin irritation after shaving is using a dull razor. Reset bad habits with our subscription options, and regularly replace your blade cartridge for the best shave.