The Australian innovation that's 'reset' body shaving.

Better control and subscription refills

for healthier skin and planet

Outrageously advantageous.

Stick razors were designed for shaving the face (many, many years ago). To adapt their use for body shaving, the design underwent massive change... in absolutely no way at all.! Until now - read more the reset difference.


Shave faster with Reset Razor thanks to our unique 6-blade design.


Superior ergonomics give you better control, and less missed spots.


No more gymnastics - shave effortlessly anywhere on the body.


Reset Razor is designed with longevity and recyclability in mind.

How it works

Our razor is so easy to use that we summed it all up in this 15 second clip - check it out.

Shaver design has some grey hairs.

For the best part of a century, the stick razor design (intended to shave the face) has remained pretty much unchanged, despite the fact its job has changed a lot. So we set out to create an all-new concept for a better experience.

3 years later, we're delivering that concept to you. (Quite literally - we deliver for free in Australia).

All you have to do is order one.

Customise your Reset Razor

Ready to reset?

Ditch your old razor, and let's make shaving a whole lot easier.