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Why Reset?

It's in the name.

Reset understanding.

The Reset Razor is a complete from-scratch redesign of the body shaver. A complete reset in thinking.

Stick razors were designed for shaving the face (many, many years ago). To adapt their use for body shaving, the design underwent massive change... in absolutely no way at all.

Reset experience.

Can you think of any other activity you do with your wrist in this position? We couldn't - and especially not with a sharp object.

The Reset Razor puts your wrist back in a functional position, with far more control and comfort. As soon as you hold it, you feel the difference.

Reset materials.

Many people aren't aware that the majority of stick razors can't be recycled. They use multiple types of plastic and rubber fused together permanently, making it impossible to melt back down for recycling.

We think this is a total waste - that's why the entire body and base of the Reset Razor is made from only one type of small-footprint plastic - Polypropylene - which can be recycled in the same bin as your milk bottles.

Reset approach.

We don't care who you are.

We designed our product for the task at hand. And by that, we mean we designed our product for everyone. This is a body shaver, for shaving your body. Regardless of what body you have.