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Dawn Lime - Preset Kit

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What's included?

Reset Razor - Dawn Lime

Spare blade cartridge - White

Neoprene travel pouch - Blossom

Hanging elastic - Green

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

I really like shaving with this though I find the blades seem to dull quicker than what I'm used to

Convenience 🤝 Smooth Shave

I absolutely love the reset razor! Not only do I get a super smooth shave, but it allows me to specifically get the spots that are easily missed!

I can also hang it up in my shower and pack it away in its pouch to take away with me! It goes hand in hand with the gel too!
Aussie innovation at its finest!

Best razor I’ve used ever

Love the compact size and easy to use aspect of this razor.

It’s easy to use and the subscription option is fantastic. No more running out of blades.

Makes so much sense!

Such a great little razor! Works a charm and gets into all the nooks and crannies much easier than a traditional razor. Takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it it’s great!
Especially great for the underarms when paired with the roll on shave gel - game changer!!

Love it , but...

Love the razor and the regular refills. However I feel like a pivoting head would be a vast improvement. I'm sure I'd have fewer nicks and cuts if the razor pivoted over the bonier parts of my legs

Hi there - thanks so much for the review and feedback - keep trying out different grips and make sure you use a really light touch. Our wrist is an incredibly mobile and precise joint and should be able to adapt your angles sufficiently without the mechnical adaptation. But appreciate your comment ! Susie

Did you know...

One of the main causes of skin irritation after shaving is using a dull razor. Reset bad habits with our subscription options, and regularly replace your blade cartridge for the best shave.