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About Us

A shower thought from Sydney.

Created by an aunt-and-nephew duo, the Reset Razor idea came about by accident. After forgetting to pack her razor on holiday, our founder Susie only had a spare cartridge to shave with. Holding the cartridge between her index and middle finger, she found that she had greater control with less discomfort than regular shaving.

A sharp idea.

With a background in Occupational Therapy, she could immediately see the ergonomic advantages of shaving with the blade parallel to her fingers. She just needed a way to bring the idea to life.

A reinvention of the razor.

With her nephew Ben studying Industrial Design, they began working on a rough concept for this new type of shaver. What started out as a few weeks of experimenting became hundreds of prototypes, countless meetings and a complete entrepreneurial venture spanning more than 3 years.

Now, finally, Australia's very own Reset Razor is ready to shake up the shaving industry.

You just have to do the easy bit...