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Glacier Storm - Preset Kit

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Your Reset Razor can last for years - reduce waste with our blade subscription options

Reset Razor, the world's first body shaving razor! Built for the task, not gender.

  • Allowing for a variety of grip options It is designed for faster, smoother, and safer body shaving, Its compact design and a travel-friendly storage pouch make it perfect for on the go use

  • Hanging ties  means you can air dry it easily to protect against bacteria build up.

  •  Customisable, choose your favourite colour combo or make your own!

  • Never forget which blade refill type you need–low cost subscription refill options available.

What's included?

Reset Razor - Glacier Storm

Spare blade cartridge - Storm

Neoprene travel pouch - Denim

Hanging elastic - Navy

Ready to make a change? It’s time to Reset!

Made from recyclable materials

Carbon Neutral Shipping

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Did you know...

One of the main causes of skin irritation after shaving is using a dull razor. Reset bad habits with our subscription options, and regularly replace your blade cartridge for the best shave.